HLIT The Future of Storytelling

    Thank you for including me! I really enjoyed catching up with you. And, the event was fabulous – it went very smoothly and without a hitch. The speakers indeed were meaningful – they opened my eyes to another world and I learned a lot. It was a fabulous break from the tech world.

    Glen Margolis, President, Steelwedge

    That was a great shin-dig! Good times!

    Carey Michaels-Keeney, Writer

    What fun last night, and how great to see you. I’m really glad I attended.

    Rusty Lemorande, Writer

    You kicked ass! It’s your Mom’s genes!

    Jill Sobule, Singer-Songwriter

    Thank you so much for inviting me to your event. I got to connect with some interesting people, as well as embrace the awkwardness of my disposition within the industry/community just in time for the AFM. Not to mention, I got lime light and presented a wonderful raffle gift.

    Ramzy Shuhaiber, Writer

    HLIT The Future of Transmedia

    Your ability to curate an evening of ideas is to be admired, for I really appreciated how you created balance throughout the night with presentations, networking breaks, food, and panels. I am so glad that I reached out to you on LinkedIn, and I am honored to have someone so smart, forward-thinking, and downright fabulous in my life in LA!

    Emily Wanserski, Managing Director, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre

     First of all, I have to say a huge THANK YOU for putting on such a fantastic conference! My mind was blown and I had a great time. Unbelievable, really. My ultimate goal is to tie my publishing efforts into transmedia and entertainment. So, this was perfect timing and content! Can’t wait for the next one!

    Emilee Annine Moeller, Actress, Writer, Attorney

     …What a wonderful event that was last night — you did a magnificent job putting together an informative, cutting-edge presentation.

    Diane Haithman, Journalist, Author

    Your event was lovely! Great people, wonderful food (that challah is ridiculous!), and great content!

    Jo Beyersdorfer, Cross Campus

    Your event was awesome. I learned a ton – I especially liked Beddor. You are my positive projection!!

    Andrew Bird, President, Application Essay Success System

    What a lovely event last night! I felt like I learned quite a bit and was honored to be a part of it all.

    Jaqueline Suskin, Poem Store

    I hope you get a break over the weekend after your big success last night!

    Liz H. Kelly, Goody Awards

    …the conference was great, including your speech. Always inspiring to hear talented folks talk about their passion. And the food was terrific as well, always a draw. Hope you get a weekend of rest. That was a major undertaking.

    Evelyn Iritani, Journalist, Author, Dancing Horse MediaShop

    … Awesome evening!!!! Thank you!!!!

    Carey Keeney, Writer, Post-Producer

    Hollywood Literary Retreat

    At the Hollywood Literary Retreat, you remember why you got into this crazy business to begin with.

    Aaron Meyerson, Consultant, SVP Development and Production, Oxygen Network

    If there’s a more enjoyable, productive way to spend a weekend considering one’s approach to writing than the Hollywood Literary Retreat, it would take more than the collected wisdom and experience of the retreat’s participants to come up with it. It’s an amazing few days.

    Adam Belanoff, Writer, Executive Producer (“The Closer,” “Murphy Brown,” “Wings,” “Bill Cosby Show”)

    It’s reconnecting in a sense to what your whole point in this town is: you’re actually working on the marvel of the story.

    Esai Morales, Actor, Activist

    It’s really like going to overnight camp for adults where you can hone your storytelling abilities.

    Stephen Nemeth, President, Rhino Films and Artivist

    Storytelling is something that has a much broader impact than just movies. Every parent should have the ability to sit in bed and put the night light on and tell a good tale. We will raise more creative children.

    Elizabeth Guber Stephen, Executive Vice President, RHI Entertainment

    A first class show all the way. Of all the conferences and festivals I’ve spoken at, Hollywood Literary Retreat will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Jeff Arch, Writer, Author (“Sleepless in Seattle,” “Complete Guide to Guys”)