The Hollywood Literary Retreat presented a unique annual retreat by invitation only for industry professionals to return to the roots of entertainment through the oral tradition of storytelling.


The Hollywood Literary Retreat at Zaca Lake, CA (1990-1998)

Featured Guest Speakers included Storytellers, Producers, Writers, Actors, Directors, Musicians, Studio and Network Executives, New Technologists and Professors:

Jason Alexander, Adam Belanoff, Judith Black, Carl Bressler, Corie Brown, Milbre Burch, Jim Bursnstein, Carolyn Caldera, Don Cheadle, Sheldon Cohn, Donald Davis, Carmen Agra Deedy, Chic Eglee, Cynthia Gibb, Elizabeth Guber Stephen, Ken Hertz, Jason Hoffs, Susanna Hoffs, Tamara Hoffs, Alan Kannof, Nancy Knustsen, Aaron Meyerson, Esai Morales, Stephen Nemeth, David Novak, Jay O’Callahan, Rick Pagano, Jay Roach, Scott Rosenfelt, Tom Schleisinger, Kevin Smokler, Jill Sobule, Gioia Timpanelli, Christopher Vogler, David S. Ward, Lauren Weissman, Janet Yang, Ronnie Yeskel

The Hollywood Literary Retreat Seminars

How to Write for Multi-Media Entertainment with Jon Samsel, Jim Suave, Carl Bressler, Scott Rosenfelt

How to Write Screenplays featuring Producers Stephen Nemeth and Carolyn Caldera

How to Write the Half Hour Sit-Com & One Hour Drama with Adam Belanoff and Roger Lowenstein

How to Compose Film Music featuring Curt Sobel, Joe LoDuca, Terence Blanchard, Bruce Broughton, Ken Hertz, Joel Roman, Robin Burgess

How to Act featuring Cynthia Gibb and Valerie Landsburg from the hit TV series “Fame”

How to Direct featuring Jim Pasternak

How to Write Erotica featuring Lynn Isenberg

How to Write Comedy with Author Susan Shapiro and TV writer Charlie Rubin (“Seinfeld”)

The Hollywood Literary Retreat Evening Salon

Saturday, January 22, 2005 (07:00 PM – 10.00 PM)

Marina del Rey, CA

Guest Speaker Literary Blogger-Author Kevin Smokler (founder of BookTour.com)