Making Sense of It All

    Dear Hollywood LIT Retreaters,

    I think it’s fitting to begin 2021 with Heather Cox Richardson’s insightful first newsletter of the year in which she gives context to current events by hearkening back to the stories that make up our history as lessons to learn from and to remember so that warnings are heeded and mistakes not repeated.  HCR’s note of Senator Mitt Romney’s flashback to Irish statesman Edmund Burke’s prescient views of the French Revolution and origins of conservative thought are a reminder as to the importance and value of the FLASHBACK!  We survive by remembering—and telling the story of those memories—so we may continue to survive and thrive.  Hollywood LIT was founded on the principles of conscious awareness, that as global storytellers, we take that role in earnest and to endeavor, above all else, to practice  “responsibility” in storytelling.  May 2021 bring the practice of responsible storytelling to the forefront of our nation, in all mediums and formats, including the news.

    – All my Best, Lynn  January 2, 2021