LMU 02.17.2011 :: Guest Speaker John Woldenberg

    Producer credits below.  Founded internet start-up backed by Apple.   The genesis and transcultural challenges of producing, marketing, and distributing Exporting Raymond.  Early investor in the adaptation of “Spiderman” into the Broadway musical, experiences in publishing and and other information pertaining to “transmedia entertainment”.

    Exporting Raymond (documentary) (executive producer)

    Exporting Raymond :: Philip Rosenthal & John Woldenberg Interview :: “Social Media” Marketing for the Film

    2010 Silent Partner (video documentary short) (producer)

    2008 Smart People (co-producer)

    YouTube Video :: Smart People Trailer

    2008 The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (executive producer)

    2007 The Visitor (executive producer) :: The Visitor Trailer

    YouTube 60 Minutes Video :: The Musical Spectacle of Spiderman

    YouTube Video :: Independent MCC Video

    YouTube Video :: US Doctors for Africa Opening for Health Summit

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