How a Trilogy of Novels becomes a Movie: Post #1

    Welcome to the dramatic process of how a trilogy of novels becomes a movie. It was a dark and stormy night… as the first book in the trilogy was being released, well before I ever had any remote idea it would one day become a trilogy. My literary agent sold my novel in a pitch to the then President of Lifetime Networks in less than a heartbeat. I was flattered to learn that my property was the President’s favorite pet project! And then… If anyone out there is curious about the unfolding drama of how a trilogy becomes a movie,  let me know via LIKES or Free Chapter Downloads 


    The more likes on, and chapter downloads. the more details I’ll provide in the unfolding drama of “Books to Film: Here We Come!”  that I’ll get in the details. To Life! Lynn, I mean Maddy, no– I mean, Lynn… Maddy… Maddy… Lynn… who am I?