LMU 02.10.2011 Class :: Transmedia Entertainment, Marketing & Technology


Traditional Model:   Write a manuscript, send to literary agents, depend on agent to shop to publishers.  Hopefully sell manuscript for advance against royalties.  Little to zero marketing / pr budget except what author puts into it.  Hopefully, book sells enough to recoup advances and allow for royalties to go to author;  usually $1.00 per book.

New Model:  Stigma around “vanity” publishing is diminishing.   Open playing field.  “media democratization”   Literary agent no longer a necessity.  Self publish through next generation publisher.   Write, upload, distribute across e-channels and pod.   No advance.  Author markets like they would in traditional model anyway.  New publisher provides social media.  Author gets more royalty.

Wall Street Journal Article :: ‘Vanity’ Press Goes Digital

The Future of the Book – via the history of the book…

Disrupting the Traditional Model Video – self-publishing becomes cool…

MARKETING YOUR BOOK — Recent successes:  See Amy Chua’s book “Tiger Mom”.  She wrote an article in the WSJ called “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”.   This created over 500,000 responses worldwide in rebuttal –covered by NPR to the View, with rebuttals in the WSJ and commentaries in the NYT, etc.

Wall Street Journal Article :: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior by Amy Chua

Wall Street Journal Article :: In Defense of the Guilty, Ambivalent, Preoccupied Western Mom by Ayelet Waldman

ABC News Article :: Amy Chua Responds to ‘Chinese Mothers’ Controversy

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Colbert Report :: Amy Chua Interview

THE FUNERAL PLANNER TRILOGY:   Harlequin/Red Dress Ink/Mira Books to Self Publishing with brand integration…  see examples inside the books… to proof of concept in Dogphoria…

Dogphoria Book Trailer


Dogphoria Facebook Page

FastPencil – how it works / self publishing and elite imprint / disrupting the model / benefits for authors

ABC 7 Video :: FastPencil

YouTube Video :: How to Quickly Organize Chapters in FastPencil


Who is disrupting the traditional model?

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